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Suga’s Cheese Shoppe & Café

Suga’s Pimento Cheeses, a sought-after staple since 2017 at farmers markets, festivals, local stores in the Atlanta metro area, and more recently via nationwide online ordering, has opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant with an imaginative menu focusing on gourmet pimento cheese. Suga’s Cheese Shoppe & Café is the first restaurant in the South and possibly in the nation to centerpiece pimento cheese. The 1,700 square foot shop, located at 4456 Marietta Street in the northwestern Atlanta suburb of Powder Springs, is currently open Thursday through Sunday. Read more


Our Story

Stacey West earned the nickname "Suga" (pronounced "Shuh-gah") when her first grandbaby was born; she didn't want to be called "grandma." She quickly became known as "Chef Suga." Chef Suga graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Atlanta and worked with some of the top chefs in the Atlanta Metro area, including Chef Hilary of The Hil at Serenbe and Chef Holly, Executive Chef of Georgia Grown.  With her husband Robert West, a financial specialist, and her son Quinton Jones, a chef, Suga's Enterprises, LLC launched in April 2016, offering southern brunch favorites.  Customers overwhelmingly latched onto the pimento cheese, and Suga's Pimento Cheeses launched in June 2017.


Suga's Pimento Cheese will continue to be the leader in providing the best pimento cheeses in the South. Chef Suga now incorporates her signature gourmet pimento cheese flavors into the café menu.

Her mouth-watering burgers include the Luxury Black Truffle, the Southern Charm, Smoked Gouda Mac n’ Cheeseburger, and the phenomenal Vegan Zesty Impossible Burger. Other fan favorites are the Southern Pimento Cheese Steak and the amazing Shrimp Scampi with Pesto & Feta pimento cheese. The Vegan menu items are delicious and expanding. You can grab your favorite Suga’s Pimento Cheeses in the cafe, or you can view and purchase all the amazing gourmet flavors on our Sugas Pimento Cheeses website by clicking ‘Shop our Cheeses’ below.

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